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Before we come up with an automated way of doing this, all buying into this project will happen manually and personally by filling in this form and letting us know what you would like to buy, whether it is a gift for someone or for yourself.

We will handle your request as fast as we can and send you an email with payment details.


You are a star in somebody's life and now also in a Ugandan girl's life. You may be the reason why she stays in school, fights for her rights, marries someone she LOVES and works with something that sparks her joy.


When buying a pass for a girl, state how many of which kind of pass you want to buy.

1 x 1 HOUR PASS (40 dkk/6 usd)

1 x 1 DAY PASS (400 dkk/60 usd)

1 x FULL PASS (4000 dkk/600 usd)

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