Relax and take a rest.
Our favorite yoga pose is Savasana!
Lie flat like a dead man
teenYOGAspace is where you are
Yoga is very convenient. You actually only need
your body to do it. We do it everywhere!
Find your true self with teen yoga
Be you, this is true'er than true,
nobody else is you'er than you.
Notice the beauty in everything
At teenYOGAspace we practise seeing the beauty in ourselves and others and even in the smallest things.
Join our community
Yoga is all about getting together and building something stronger than we can build alone. The term 'kula' in sanskrit means 'community' or 'family'. You cannot choose your family, but you can choose your kula.
Teen yoga
Teen yoga is for everyone who needs a little space, a break from all the chores, homework and expectations. Come join the fun! Anyone who feels like a teen is a teen to us.... TeenYOGAspace is your place to shine.
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